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Golden Pint Awards

As I am a bit of a closet beer fan, and the growth and changing reputation in the UK of beer is simply fantastic,  I thought I would add my twopence worth to the Golden Pint Awards, an annual viewpoint of the state of the beer scene organised by the Beer Bloggers. This year has been very telling for me because I have dramatically changed the way I have drunk beer, not least by being a ‘Brewdog Punk’ and investing in the Equity for Punks scheme, and all the people I’ve meant, new places I have gone to, Brewery’s I have discovered, Beer I have drunk. I look forward to the continued developments of the UK beer scene next year, and trying some more fantastic beer!

Best UK Draught Beer Probably the hardest one for me, the most common beers I drink on draught are from Stewart Brewing and Cairngorm, but the most distinctive I’ve had was Marble Ginger. Simply extraordinary.
Best UK Bottled Beer Kernel Centennial IPA – IPA’s are my favourite style of beer and this one is exemplary.
Best Overseas Draught Beer Sweetwater IPA
Best Overseas Bottled Beer Odell St. Lupulin EPA
Best Overall Beer Great Divide Titan IPA
Best Pumpclip or Label Knop’s Musselburgh Broke
Best UK Brewery Dark Star
Best Overseas Brewery Odell
Pub/Bar of the Year The Rake or The Blind Tiger
Beer Festival of the Year Craig Garvie’s Beer Tastings
Supermarket of the Year Waitrose
Independent Retailer of the Year Cornelius Beer
Online Retailer of the Year MyBreweryTap
Best Beer Blog or Website http://drinkcraftbeer.com/
Best Beer Twitterer Cgarviereg
Best Brewery Online Brewdog
Food and Beer Pairing of the Year Foie Gras and Kernel London Porter
In 2011 I’d Most Like To… Drink more Marble Beers
Open Category: Most Depressing Thing of the YearThe Cask v Kegged debate. Keg beer is not the future just another way to enjoy beer.

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