Le Serre Nuove – Thoughts from Glasshouses

Food Stories and Recollections


This blog is my recollections and thoughts on the world of food, wine and beer. I am Edinburgh based, so there will be much about Scotland! I enjoy every aspect of food, from cooking to dining to foraging, so there is no strict mantra for this blog, and I hope to mix it up with reviews of places, events and things that I do along with way to keep it as varied and entertaining as possible!

I called it ‘Le Serre Nuove’ after the Second Vin of a famous Italian Vineyard (whose wine I absolutely adore). Serre Nuove translates into New Greenhouses (in the context of the wine it means young vines; callow vines that require a different approach), and it made me think of not throwing stones in glasshouses. I lost my heart in a summer in Tuscany when I was student, and I wanted it represent a second take on food. So there you go. Le Serre Nuove!

I welcome your feedback and comments on anything and everything you have seen on the blog so either contact me on twitter or feel free to email me at leserrenuove at gmail dot com


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