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Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope to write maybe a column of blogs a week giving some thoughts on latest developments in the world of food, wine and beer… probably Whisky too as I am from Scotland! There is no strict mantra for this blog, and I hope to mix it up with reviews of places, events and things that I do along with way.

I called it ‘Le Serre Nuove’ after the Second Vin of a Italian Vineyard. Serre Nuove translates into New Greenhouses (in the context of the wine it means young vines, new vines and therefore requires a different approach), and it made me think of not throwing stones in glasshouses. I lost my heart in a summer in Tuscany when I was student, and I wanted it represent a second take on food. So there you go. Le Serre Nuove!

The design of this blog will change once I get up to speed with WordPress. Please feel free to comment on anything, or drop me an email, as I will always welcome your feedback.

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